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Carla Rippey resume

Born the 21st of May, 1950, in Kansas City, Kansas. In 1968-69, she studied in La Sorbonne, Paris, France. She attended the University of New York at Old Westbury from 1969 to 1972, at the time this college offered a program of experimental education. She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1972.

In 1970, as part of her educational program, she worked with the New England Free Press in graphic design and offset printing. During the same period she was active in the Boston women’s movement, helping to establish a women’s center in Cambridge. She learned printmaking in the studios of the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile in 1972, while working with the Chilean left, principally producing silk-screened posters for the movement.

Carla Rippey arrived in Mexico in 1973. She participated in the collective printmaking studio in “El Molino de Sto. Domingo” in Mexico City from 1974 to 1976. From 1978 to 1984 she was a menber of the experimental art group, “Peyote y la Compañia”, collaborating in the production of installations, performances, prints, photography and object art. From 1980 until 1985 she headed the printmaking department of the University of Veracruz in Xalapa, Veracruz. Since 1985 she has lived and worked in Mexico City, where she currently teaches experimental graphics and supervises senior production projects in the national art school, “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City, in addition to her other career activities. She is a member of the “Sistema Nacional de Creadores”, a grant program administered by the Mexican government, since 1997.

Individual Exhibitions (Selection)

Cheap Philosophy and Trips to the Pyramids, Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, l985, Two Decades of Graphic Art, National Print Museum, Mexico City, 1992; The Dream that Eats a Dream, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1993; The Use of Memory, the Museum of Monterrey, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, 1994; From the Finite to the Infinite, Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, 1995; Everything from the Void, “El Chopo” University Museum, Mexico City, 1998; Garden of Echoes, Echoes from the Garden, “Galería de Arte Mexicano”, Mexico City, 2000, The Fixed Image (moves in memory), itinerate exhibit produced in collaboration with the National Foundation for Culture and the Arts, 2001-2003.

Group Shows (Selection)

First Annual Salon of Visual Art, experimental section, National Auditorium Gallery, Mexico City, 1978; XVI Sao Paolo Biennale, Sao Paolo, Brazil (with Peyote y la Compañía), 1980; Secret Artifacts, Objects of Devotion, (with Peyote y la Compañía),Alternative Museum, New York, N.Y., 1982; An Emerging Decade, “El Chopo” University Museum, Mexico City., 1984; Twentieth Century Mexican Graphics, Travelling exhibit organized by the Mexican government to South America, Japan, and Europe, 1984; From their Albums...Uncertain Confessions, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1985; From the Groups...the Individuals, Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, 1985; Confrontation 86, Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City, 1986; XXV Joan Miro Drawing Prize, Barcelona, Spain, 1986; The Illusion of the Real, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1988; In Times of Postmodernity, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1988; Drawings by Contemporary Mexican Women, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1988; La Jeune Gravure Contemporaine et sus Invites du Mexique, Galerie de Nesle, Paris, Francia, 1991; Mapping a Generation, Fifteen Years of Creation in Perspective, State Gallery, Xalapa, Veracruz, 1992; Realistic Painting in Mexico at the end of the 20th Century, Mexican Cultural Institute, travelling exhibit to the Institutes of San Antonio, Houston, Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, 1992-3; Le Futur Compose, The House of Latin America in Paris, France, travelling show to Morrocco and Italy, 1992-3; Visual Arts Today, Voor Moderne Kunst, Oostende, Belgium, 1993; Salon Bancomer, Mexico City, 1995, Selfportrait in Mexico, the 90s, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 1996; The Body and Its Transgressions, Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, 1997; Artists on the Road, Travel as a Source of Inspiration, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., 1997; Allusions to the Body, Anatomies and Constructions, Mexico, Centuries XVI to XX , National Art Museum, Mexico City, 1998; Salón Bancomer 1999, Mexico City, Veracruz Cultural Institute, and the Museum of Monterrey, 1999, From my Collection, traveling exhibit of the National Foundation for Culture and the Arts; Logbooks and Works, traveling exhibit of the National Foundation for Culture and the Arts, 2001, Great Masters of the Twentieth Century, Contemporary Prodigies, MARCO, Monterrey, N.L., 2003; Pulse of the Nineties, the MUCA Contemporary Art Collection, University Museum of Science and Art, UNAM, Mexico City, 30 Years of the Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Origin and Vocation, Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Mexico City, 2004, Tamayo Graphics Biennale, Rufino Tamayo Museum, Mexico City, 2004, Weapons and Tools, Salon Bancomer, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, 2004, The Myth of the Volcanoes, Fine Arts Palace, Mexico City, 2005.

In 2004 she was included in the book, “Gritos y susurros: Experiencias intempestivas de 38 mujeres mexicanas” (Grijalbo). (tr: “Cries and Whispers: Unsettling experiences of 38 Mexican women”)

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Dear Carla :

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